Windsor, ON, Canada
My dear friend/sister Kaela suggested that one of my posts be about my dad and the grieving process and how I got through it. Today is the one year anniversary of my father’s passing from multiple myeloma, cancer of the blood cell plasma.
I’m currently at my new university attending my first day of classes and couldn’t think  of anything more therapeutic and healing to do than to just get all of my feelings down onto a google dog and post them onto my blog in this moment before my next class at 1pm. This post is going to be completely unedited besides obvious spelling errors that google warns me about via spell check.

I have no clue what I want this blog to be about, right now it’s my creative outlet to write about things that I care about or what to say that don’t fit on my social platforms. I hate the stigma that is placed on people who start blogs/YouTube channels/Etsy shops or anything creative.
Today is world suicide prevention day and I couldn’t think of another thing to do than to make a blogpost about my experience in hopes that maybe one person will read it who feels hopeless, unworthy, or unimportant like I did 9 months ago and realize that feeling is never permanent.