thank u, next

Y’all… The new Ariana Grande song is so amazing, it almost made me thank my ex boys. Sadly, I’ve come to realize that my version of the lyrics would be along the lines of one taught me abandonment, one taught me boundary issues, and one taught me no empathy. Here’s a cute lil blogpost about three bois.

iPad Pro (2018)

Nashville Preset by the ever so talented Jami-lyn (jl-babe) used in Lightroom mobile
The Apple tax is real!! the iPad Pro is the most expensive tablet i can think of, but I wouldn’t buy anything else. I will defend the Apple Pencil until my grave. Last week I paid about $2,000can/$1,396usd for the newest iPad Pro, generation 3, and apple offered a student discount of $50usd on the iPad itself, and $10usd on the Apple Pencil.

Weight at 5’11

My sophomore year of high school, I was placed on anti-depressants. I weighed about 130lbs and that doctor’s appointment was the first time I really ever paid attention to my weight. After a few months I had lost 10lbs and was about 120 and would vary from 120-125 lbs. I was tall but ashamed to weigh that much. I started to use laxatives behind my mom’s back, often being up until 4am crying and in pain in the only bathroom of the house. I would stay home from school and skipped meals. I had been on birth control and if helped regulate my weight so I always stayed in the 117-120 range. After graduating I kinda lost my disordered eating habits by distractions of work and family issues. I never really thought that I had a problem.