Friday, August 17, 2018

Gucci?! Guccy???

Gucci is everywhere. $500 t-shirt trends, kangaroo fur mules, Gucci belts, fake Gucci belts. Here is an honest review of every Gucci product that I’ve had from a broke college girl perspective. 
- Espadrilles $450: I always lusted over the Chanel espadrilles since they began to blow up from bloggers around 2011/2012, but I don’t have Chanel money quite yet. These are suuuuper cute but hurt the back of my ankles and I’ve worn them a handful of times. 
- Sneakers $580: I got these as a joke with my family last July before going away to college. They’re the colors of my old university. They’re super cute and pretty comfortable. They’re my first pair of leather sneakers and honestly, they’re not made for longtime use, mine have already begun to lose their shape and I’ve worn them under 20 times.
- iPhone7/8 case $295: I use this as my day to day phone case. It’s pretty intimidating having a leather case on your phone. I’ve become a lot more vigilant and careful where my phone is and when which has helped me realize that I dropped my phones a lot before this phone case. 
- Key case $330: I used this daily until I traded it with someone for a Prada wallet, lol kappa sig party memories, and it was perfect because I have a hatred of lanyards. It could clip onto my jeans fit my apartment keys and various cards and cash comfortably. I would buy one of these again in a heartbeat.
- Belt $450: I got this as a gift for getting a 4.0 my second semester of college. I’d worn it maybe 4 times before it got stolen. I had bought one but lost too much weight and needed to exchange it for another because it was too big. Had it not been stolen, it would be far too big on me. It’s flashy and can make an outfit look chic and trendy.
- Dionysus Tote Black Suede $2,750: This bag is my entire life, I treat it as if I gave birth to it. It’s a bit heavy but just screams luxury. It’s beautiful and lowkey. It’s a bag that I haven’t seen anybody else that I know or follow own and that's a huge plus for me. Unless someone is familiar with the brand they have no clue that it’s even a designer item. I was surprised with this by my mom and step dad at the time, we had gone into the store to pick my mom out a bag and we saw this one. I’m not joking when I tell you my heart sped up and I started sweating. The next morning it was handed to me and I nearly cried. The suede is beautiful but a huge stress for me because I plan to keep this bag and give it to my future child.
- Sunglasses $565: Okay these are my newest child and the only item that I bought with my own money. They’re from the cruise collection. I kinda can’t believe that I actually paid $598.90 after tax for sunglasses, but they’re my first adult purchase and it’s time I stop losing sunglasses. If anything happens to these 70’s beauties I’m going to lose my soul.
All in all Gucci is my favorite designer brand. I personally couldn’t see myself working for weeks in order to afford a belt, but I see why people might they're well made and are pure luxury. 
I’m the biggest fan of Alessandro Michele’s Gucci and overall brand aesthetic. 
It’s super clear who the “hypebeats” or “clout chasers” are because the most important things are the belts or t-shirts because of their expensive price tag. The Harry Styles campaign was everything I didn’t know that my life was missing.

Friday, August 10, 2018

FaceTune should be considered fraud. Opinion piece

I hate FaceTune. I understand the use of covering up some imperfections or small things that you’re not comfortable with, but people take it too far. I went to a big university and some girls use it to edit their bodies to the point that they don’t look human anymore.

It not only messes with people’s minds but making yourself skinnier than you are is not only unhealthy, sad, and super toxic to everyone. What about your friends who know you in real life that are the same size as you? How do they feel? What about random people who know you in real life who consider your natural body to be tiny? People with a significant following need to think beyond themselves.

If you have this amazing instagram feed filled with photos of you looking like you way 80lbs, body it's not right if a brand wants to sponsor you or send you free products as you are an up and coming influencer. I think it should be considered fraud as an influencer where you are the brand that you sell to your followers and people who want to sponsor you.

I have had problems with my body image immensely forever, being made fun of for being too skinny growing up and hating it. Then when skinny became the trend I was praised. I began working out and walking a lot due to my job at the time, causing me to lose a lot of fat from my body and looking very skinny. Friends/acquaintances from college began making comments on my body and how I look too thin, some accusing me of being sick. Yet praise girls who literally edits at least 40lbs off of her body. It took a large toll on me, being accused of a lot of things while they praise someone who looks like she's about 60lbs in total. This toxic mindset behind FaceTune is really weird to me.

A well-known youtuber edits their instagram photos with FaceTune and is very open about, and I think it’s defrauding their followers. Your entire brand is who you are, and when your posting photos of an edited body or facial features on instagram selling a product, promoting a product that was given to you to promote, or posting your coupon code in the caption you're lying to sell products.

One of my previous favorite bloggers was caught editing her body a few years ago and as someone who loved her instagram and blog I felt so sad. I had admired the way the clothes fit on her and the way she was confident in her body (this was before being skinny was “on trend”) so I looked up to her during a time that I was struggling with the reality of fast metabolism.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Minimalist beauty

After moving over five times in a year, I’ve decided to slowly purge my wardrobe and beauty cabinet to attain a more minimalist vibe. This morning I grabbed the three products that I can’t live without from my makeup bag, realizing that they are the three things I probably couldn't live without. I apply these products with my fingers and it takes me about 2 minutes to be ready for the day.
Chanel CC cream: This cc cream is the perfect lightweight formula for summer months but I’ve used it all year. I’m a huge stickler for always wearing SPF on my face and thankfully this has an SPF of 50. In this house, we hate wrinkles. I apply this with my fingers mixed with a dime sized amount of moisturizer.
Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat : I throw this highlighting pen in the inner corner of my eyes, above the cheekbones, and a tad on my chin. I love that it’s a very soft subtle highlight, almost as a more sheer concealer. I tap it in with my ring fingers.
Gucci Bloom Eau de Parfum: Given to me in a care package last year by my wonderful friend Hannah. This beautiful scent is the perfect sophisticated yet youthful perfume to wear. As I near the end of the bottle I’ve already set some money away for a full size bottle.

My first time at Aēsop

This past weekend, I lived out my skincare dreams. While in Toronto I came across an Aēsop storefront and couldn’t resist the curiosity to step inside. As a young adult who looks like a really tall young teen without makeup on; good customer service in higher price retail locations is a rarity, my experience at the Queen Street West location made up for every negative experience that I have encountered elsewhere.
Two retail consultants were standing at the checkout counter and before my foot had even walked through the door, a consultant had begun walking to the front of the store with a smile. I was a bit nervous because I don’t know my skin well and she was prepared with questions as to what I’m looking for and my skin type. Soon after she walked me over to the sink area to explain the products chosen for my needs, and explained that she would be testing them on my hands. I found it quite strange simply because it was a new concept for me, thankfully the consultant was patient with my awkward hand position as she lathered each product onto my hand.
The consultant explained the best way to use the products as she demonstrated on the back of my hands, using the cleanser on my right and exfoliator on my left. Explaining that the toner and serum can also be applied with the hands in place of a cotton pad. I didn’t expect to feel a difference because it was the back of my hand, but, WOW. Not only did the products feel amazing on my skin, they leave the most beautiful soft scent behind. After the use of each product, my hands were dried by the consultant with a hand towel, which made me feel like royalty.
After deciding to purchase all four products I was lead to the checkout counter. After a quick profile sign up, the items were scanned and payment processed. I was informed of some samples put into the bag, and handed the cutest reusable pouch and sent on my way.
I’m excited to try out my new Aēsop skincare regimen. After having such a great experience at the Queen St W location, I hope to return and dabble in their other skincare, hair, and body products.

Small acts of friendship got me through the hardest year of my life

The things big and small that close friends, acquaintances, and new friends have done to be the greatest friend to me that they could. When things go wrong in my life I begin to withdraw from being social and tend to think worst case often acting in a way that can hurt the feelings of those around me. As a friend of someone who is going through a hard situation that you cannot relate to, its important to think about where they’re coming from if they withdraw or are not the same as they once were.  I’ve had a hard year and I have to give credit to the incredible friends that helped me through it. Not all people have been the kindest, while away at university I lost my closest university friend at the time due to my father’s passing and her not being able to handle it. It was very hard for me to comprehend, causing me to withdraw from friends even more. At one point during that semester, I had over 1,000 unread text messages backdating 2 months. No matter how alone I felt, I was never alone. I’ve created a brief list of the best things that my friends have done for me in the past year that were the distraction that I unknowingly needed that had nothing to do with any of the hard things that were going on at the time.

✰  movie nights: throwing on a random Netflix movie with some popcorn or snacks, super basic but the last minute trips to friends apartments were the best
✰ grocery shopping: as strange as that sounds, it feels almost therapeutic to have someone there with you during some of the most simple tasks
✰ nail appointments: my big invited me fall semester to get our nails done together
✰ going to the movies: not something that I do often so it feels like a special occasion to actually go sit in a theatre buy popcorn and snacks and feel like a kid again (when parents paid for movie tickets because it costs like $50 to see a movie cya)
✰ open door policy: girls who lived in the sorority house at university often let me come in to vent about boys, or joke with if I need a laugh and that was one of the most comforting things that helped me be so far away from my family support system
✰ surprise coffee: nothing put a smile on my face quite like when someone shows up with coffee for the two of us
✰ random text messages: a few of my best friends send me texts at random times that say “i love you” or “im proud of you” and somehow, every single time it happens it’s at the exact moment that I need to hear it. It took them two seconds to send such a meaningful text that never fails to turn my entire day around
✰ honesty and holding me accountable: the most healthy and beneficial thing that my close friends have done for me is hold me accountable when I’m in the wrong. Not in a vengeful or aggressive way, but instead out of care for who I am as a person. Not telling me what I needed or wanted to hear, but telling me the truth.
✰ care package: my friend hannah (her amazing blog) has sent me multiple care packages filled with cute and special items. I felt super guilty that she spent any money on me, and that I haven’t sent her one back but they were put together with so much care. I still have every item that she placed into the packages, some items that I use daily. It showed that my friend truly took the time to get to know me and the things that I like, not generic ideas from a Pinterest board.
✰ simply being there: friends who were just there when I needed them no matter the situation...

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